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Energía solar media anual en suelo americano 2012 KWh/m2/día
Annual average solar energy on American 2012 KWh/m2/day

Frecuencia anual
de nubosidad
Chile 2012
Annual frequency
of cloud cover
Chile 2012

Energía solar media anual
en suelo de Chile 2012 KWh/m2/día
Annual average solar energy on Chile 2012 KWh/m2/day

Development and investment financing solar photovoltaic


Specialists in the development and seek funding for solar photovoltaic projects for both private and institutional investors.


Energy Capital Chile is in search of capital, domestic and international, for the development of a portfolio of solar photovoltaic projects.


Energy Capital's strategy is to promote Chile construction and sale of renewable energy assets in emerging reliable.

La energía solar es un campo de inversión de alta rentabilidad, y beneficio medioambienta.
Solar energy is a highly profitable investment, and environmental benefit

Energy Capital
NCRE projects
Chile develops
efficient and
high yield

ECC es una empresa de especialistas que conecta los actores necesarios.
ECC is a specialist company
connecting the agents needed

Desarrollo y crecimiento
Development & Growth estimates


ENERGY CAPITAL was founded in 2006 in London with the aim of becoming long-term major player in the global market for renewable energy. Since 2011 we operate in Chile, moving in 2013 to become the country CAPITAL ENERGY CHILE LTDA..

The CAPITAL ENERGY CHILE strategy is focused on investing in the promotion of medium-scale solar projects in Chile. The target set by ENERGY CAPITAL CHILE is to develop, promote and build approximately 200 MW of projects.

CAPITAL ENERGY CHILE works closely with private investors and major financial institutions for optimal capital structure fortheir projects, to obtain higher returns. Currently ENERGY CAPITAL CHILE,

together with its partners, is in the process of development of over 100 MW in the third region of Chile, and is expected to grow this portfolio by at least another 100 MW for next year.


  • Projects
  • Counseling
  • Locations
  • Legal
  • EPC
  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Co-inversión
  • Management
  • Acquisition
  • Constrution
  • Exploitation

Análisis de la inversión.
Investment analysis

Servicios especializados
Specialized services

Experience multidisciplinary
Agents needed


In ECC have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience
in the photovoltaic market, which offers a specialized service in

the following areas:
• Location of suitable sites for the installation of solar projects.
• Development and obtaining the

necessary permits for the
construction of solar plant
• Organization and management of EPC contractors.

• Perform internal process of DUE DILIGENCE.
• External Process Management DUE DILIGENCE.

• The organization of construction and project financing.
• Advice on optimal investment structure.

• The incorporation of risk management strategies.
• Completion of the acquisition for the investor.

• Solar park management after the acquisition.
• Maximize the performance and energy production.

• Co-investment with the investment partner.
• Negotiations for the purchase of parks full of other owners.

SIC. Capacidad instalada ERNC Chile 2012 /
SIC. NCRE Chile Installed Capacity 2012

Oportunidad para la inversión /
Opportunity for investment

Consumo energía eléctrica Chile /
Electric consumption Chile

Consumo estimado energía solar Chile /
Estimated consumption solar Chile

Capital chile
solutions for
market bull

Objetivos de ECC para finales 2015/
Millennium 2015 ECC end


CAPITAL ENERGY CHILE offers investors the opportunity to invest in solar PV assets with attractive returns, based on respect and care for the environment, by promoting solar energy as a renewable energy source. Benefits for investors are:
• To acquire quality assets in solar photovoltaic and solar parks where 100% of the power generated is sold to the Central Interconnected System

(high yield) or private buyers as large industry, mining, utilities, etc. through the signing of a purchase agreement for a while and given price, PPA.
• Earn an attractive pre-tax IRR of around 15% with regular cash distributions beginning at 10% and rising every year.
• To acquire the assets of renewable energy and help reduce greenhouse emissions directly financing and solar PV power plant development.

• Do not expose yourself to any risk of debt refinancing or debt higher interest rates during the term of thedebt of up to 20 years.
• Fianace project is arranged with no recourse to the investor.
• The interest rate and inflation can be hedged for up to 25 years, producing a long-term stable flow, net of cash.

• The potential to make substantial capital growth in a short period.
• Investments are made through an SPV domiciled in the preferred location for investors. The VPS can be managed by the investor or Solar Power Partners. Infrastructure projects built around clean energy, photovoltaics, offer attractive opportunities for low-risk investment.

In Energy Capital Chile
we believe in developing
Renewable Energy

The solar photovoltaic is worth investing in Chile,
work in promoting high payoff activities,
this is the time.